Revealing 05 Secrets of playing Dragon Tiger that always win up to 95% I w35 games


Revealing 05 Secrets of playing Dragon Tiger that always win up to 95% I w35 gamesyou

05 Secrets to playing Dragon Tiger Online that few people know: #1. Observe the bridge flat #2. Pay attention to bridge 1-1 #3. Do not bet on Draw #4. Follow scoreboard #5. Select Yes, House of Cards Dragon Tiger with simple rules but to win big here again not easy. Let's learn the most up-to-date tips for playing Dragon Tiger Latest this year!

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Introduction to the Dragon Tiger card game

Dragon Tiger is also known by other names: Dragon Tiger, Dragon Tiger One of the extremely famous Casino card games today. This card game originated from the land of pagodas and towers, Cambodia, and is now famous throughout the world world. This card game gives players moments of entertainment extremely new is attractive.

Basically, we will use a deck of 52 cards, and then proceed to deal scoring cards. There will be two betting doors: Dragon door and Lake door These two animals are designed on the betting table.

  • The dealer system will distribute 2 cards to 2 corresponding doors, 1 for each door cards to decide how to win or lose.
  • Players will bet on Dragon or Tiger, which side has it The higher the score, the bet will be won or there will be a tie.
  • The number of players at the table is unlimited, so everyone wins Everyone can participate in large numbers.

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What are the rules for playing Dragon Tiger card game?

The rules of the Dragon Tiger card game are extremely simple, the Dealers will proceed to divide the cards There is one card on each side of the Dragon and Tiger doors. The card will remain face down until The player finishes betting.

Participating players will usually have 10 - 15 seconds depending on the dealer to think Place a bet on the door you predict will have a higher score. Or you have You can bet on Tie if you think the two cards have the same score. Fishing time is up bet, the house system will automatically record the bet amount for each person. The dealer will then proceed to turn over the cards at both doors and compare the results The final result will appear clearly on the screen.

The bet will be transferred immediately to the winner's account. The Point conversion in Dragon Tiger game is quite different from other Casino games, As follows:

  • Card A: 1 point
  • Cards 2 - 10: Corresponding to 2 - 10 points
  • Card J: 11 points
  • Q card: 12 points
  • Card K: 13 points

05 Ways to always win when playing Dragon Tiger: Get 1 Million every day

Dragon Tiger is one of the extremely popular Casino card games today. With a very simple way to play, that is to predict whether it is the Dragon or the Tiger side, Either side has the higher score. However, the probability of winning It's also 50:50 so it's quite a bit of luck. Let's look at some of these secrets The following tips for playing Dragon Tiger always win are updated by us Professional expert!

#first. Observe cases of flat bridges

One of the betting tips when playing Dragon Tiger that you always win that you need to remember is to recognize the bridge flat. The flat bridge often appears in the case of 3 consecutive games Exactly one door (Dragon Door/Tiger Door/Tie Door). At this time, the brothers immediately followed the bridge Don't hesitate and bet now. The reason is because the bridge usually lasts from 5 - 7 hours hands, even 10 hands are also very common.

#2. Note the form of bridges 1-1

If you observe the results there is a mix of bets on Dragon - Tiger - Dragon - Tiger - Dragon... then that is considered a 1-1 bridge. This is also a special type of bridge in Dragon Tiger card game betting. In this case, you should prioritize Bet on the result that is contrary to the previous result.

#3. Limit betting on Tie (Tie)

Many players think that maybe there will be a situation between the Dragon and Tiger sides have equal scores. However, according to the experience of many people Long-time casino bettor, the odds of a tie between the two bets are unlikely to happen. only at about 0.1%. Therefore, you should limit betting on Draw. This is a secret to always win when playing Dragon Tiger!

#4. Observe the checklist carefully

Who hasn't been lucky when playing Dragon Tiger game before or just playing it? You should watch previous matches. Please watch carefully, even You can even record the results. Only then will you have it It is possible to deduce the rules for drawing cards and calculating relative scores at the platforms dealer!

#5. Sober & Choose the right reputable Bookmaker

Many fraudulent bookmakers often provide virtual betting services that cause psychological harm confusion for players. Therefore, you need to be especially observant and alert when participating in Dragon Tiger card betting. Among the Bookies that admin Ever played this Dragon Tiger card game? w35 games is one of the highest rated betting sites.

W35 games, in addition to a beautiful, easy-to-operate interface, players also have many more Choose Dragon Tiger with different Suppliers. After each round of dealing, The House will update the scoreboard immediately to help you easily observe bridge.


Our above article has introduced to you the most detailed tips for playing Dragon Tiger and always winning this year. Hopefully the above tips will help you play Dragon and tiger card with high chance of winning.

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