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Learn about the famous w35 casino games in India

w35 games is a name that is no longer strange to Indians who play online casinos. This is a reputable game house in the market, specializing in providing online money-making and online entertainment services. In particular, with excellence in safety, security and reward services anytime, anywhere, the playground always ensures the best benefits for customers. Please follow the following article to get more information about one of these leading units! 

History comes from the efforts of w35 games

The game house was born in 2009 in the Philippines and is one of the leading online playgrounds in Southeast Asia. Initially, the gaming house focused on providing online sports and gambling services to customers in Southeast Asia. 

With variety and high quality, the brand quickly attracted a large number of players. After that, the game company expanded its operations to other markets such as Europe, America and Africa. 

This platform has also invested heavily in technology and mobile application development, allowing players to participate in matches at any time. Currently, the brand has become one of the largest and influential playgrounds in Southeast Asia. The game house also offers a variety of card games, sports, lotteries and fish shooting games,... for you to freely choose from. w35 is also continuing to grow and expand its operations to other markets around the world.

The game house operates legally with clear certificates

Is a safe entertainment playground managed by PAGCOR Group in the Philippines. All customer activities are closely monitored. Players must accept the in-world safety guidelines set forth by PAGCOR and we will not be responsible if players violate these rules. 

The legal minimum age to participate in entertainment services is 18 years old and minors' accounts will be deleted immediately. These Terms of Service help ensure your responsibilities and behavior when participating in w35.

1001 advantages of w35 with a trillion-dollar brand guarantee

w35 is a name that many players appreciate for its prestige and beautiful interface. Below are the unique advantages that we want to introduce to you: 

The interface and graphics are unquestionably classy

The game house has invested a lot in designing a simple but attractive interface. After logging in, players will immediately see the main screen with clearly arranged services and games. This helps you not get confused even though there are many services and games at the same time.

Dedicated advice, dedicated answers

The game house always accompanies players and provides the best and friendliest playground. Customer care service operates 24/7, helping players receive advice and answer all questions related to the playground anytime, anywhere. This is one of our outstanding points compared to other units in the market. 

Diverse promotions, money flooding your wallet

Our promotions are established with the main goal of meeting the needs of gamers. When participating in the game, you can not only have fun and earn real money, but also have the opportunity to receive attractive gifts. w35 brings you the following promotions:

- Rewards for new members who download the app and successfully register an account

- Unlimited first deposit 100% bonus 

- Big bonus 150% on the 2nd deposit

- Secret gifts, high value objects

There are still many exciting rewards programs ahead. Join quickly to receive many valuable gifts for yourself.
Introducing the world of colorful services at w35

When coming to this platform, it is impossible not to mention the products and services that the game house brings to the player community. The brand provides many different products such as online cards, lotteries, sports, esports, etc. This helps players have many options to experience and entertain to suit their preferences. self. All products and services are developed and updated regularly, to meet the rapid development and tastes of users. 

Spectacular sports matches explode with emotions

As one of the notable sports product suppliers and loved by many players. With a variety of sports from popular to emerging, players can easily find their favorite sport to bet on. 

We also provide complete information about matches and odds, helping players make the right decisions. At the same time, a system of competitive odds and dedicated customer support service will help players have the best field experience.

Get rich with online lottery 

Online lotteries and lotteries at w35 give players a fun and exciting experience. Players can participate in games with many betting methods and attractive payout rates. At the same time, the game house also provides popular lottery games such as Northern lottery, Central lottery, Southern lottery,...

You have the privilege of participating in lotteries and lotteries anytime, anywhere through your mobile device or personal computer. Furthermore, the game house is always committed to providing players with the safest, fairest and most professional experience with 24/7 customer service ready to support.

Modern casino, reputable rewards

Online casinos are the ideal destination for those who love card games, where there are a variety of games such as 3-card, Mau Binh, Lieng, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Southern Tien Len, Shock Shock,... and many more. play differently. 

In particular, you will be able to participate with sexy, beautiful, attractive dealers, bringing a unique and attractive experience. The dealers are experienced and professional experts in dealing cards, helping to create a feeling of excitement for players. 

Experience the ocean's waves and have fun hunting fish w35

In fish shooting, players will participate in deep ocean adventures where they will hunt different species of fish to earn points and receive rewards. The game provides a variety of fish guns and support items so players can effectively kill target fish.

The game also stands out with its beautiful visual system, vibrant music and simple but addictive gameplay mechanics. You can participate in different game rooms with different mechanisms and challenges to create diversity in combat experiences. 

The best slot games are highly sought after

Every day at the game house, big jackpot events will take place such as Break Away, Carnaval, Tiki Reward, 777 Royal Wheel, A Tale of Elves, Boom Pirates,... This place synthesizes famous slot games such as: Baccarat, Sicbo, Roulette... The playing fields are updated daily, with an extremely large number of participants.

Introducing the w35 promotion that captivates players

The playground has attractive promotions for members. This is how we indirectly support startup capital for players. Depending on your membership level, you will receive different promotional packages.

With this program, all members will immediately receive 20% of the deposit value on the 7th day, when making the first deposit. However, this promotion only applies to sports games on the w35 platform. 

Instant bonus of 20% of deposit value on the 7th day

The maximum reward limit for this program is 5 million VND. Players can withdraw money from their gaming account to their personal wallet after completing all betting rounds. In case of failure to complete all betting rounds or cancellation, the bonus will not be calculated.

w35 super unlimited 1.2% cashback 

The amount of the bonus refunded will increase in proportion to the amount the player bet. This program also applies to all other games such as Kenno, virtual sports.

However, for keno sports products and slot games, players only receive a refund of 25% of betting revenue. It should be noted that at the same time, you can only participate in one promotion.

Member incentives, money comes back like water

At w35, we always value the commitment of VIP members and appreciate it. VIP members will enjoy exclusive offers, along with personalized service, 24/7 support and many other benefits. Join today to experience the difference.

- Monthly bonus: At 01:00:00 on the 1st of each month, members will receive a bonus of up to 288,888 points.

- Birthday bonus: Update your birthday 2 days in advance to receive gifts from the system  

- Upgrade bonus: Have a chance to receive upgrade bonus up to 388,888 points.

VIPs can claim rewards by accessing "VIP Area" >> "Claim Rewards". The bonus will expire after 7 days, so please receive it immediately to use it. 


All outstanding information about w35 games, hopefully helping you understand and participate in this arena in the most effective way. Surely the experiences here will become memorable times throughout your passionate journey. Finally, we wish all of you to win and win your own trophies.