7-a-side soccer rules according to the latest VFF standards in 2024


7-a-side soccer rules according to the latest VFF standards in 2024

According to the latest 7-a-side football rules of the VFF 2024 Organization, the field Competition must have dimensions of 30mx60m. The penalty spot must be away from the frame into exactly 3.5m.

When competing in any sport, the competition rules will be a factor ensure the fairness of the match and prevent foul play. To Knowing the detailed rules in the rules, players can follow them through information in the article below.

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Regulations on 7-player football field

7-a-side soccer rules specify the field, ball, and players to the referee and secretariat team. Details are as follows:

  • Ball: Match balls must be made from leather and use ball number 5 for players aged 15 and over.
  • Playing field: A valid playing field meets standard dimensions of 60m long and 60m long 30m wide.
  • Number of players: A team has a maximum of 10 players and 1 goalkeeper, no less than 7 players.
  • Competition attire: Standard competition attire is a shirt and shorts sleeved or long-sleeved, specialized soccer shoes and fully covered socks shin part. Goalkeepers need to have additional gloves and shirts of different colors.
  • Referee: During the match, the referee is the person with the highest authority, are allowed to issue red and yellow cards to punish violations. Skin The referee has a black, red, yellow, green or blue shirt Comes with black pants, socks and shoes.
  • Assistant referee and secretary: Includes 2 assistant referees on 2 sidelines.
  • Match time: Official match time is 90 minutes, each half 45 mins. If the match ends in a draw, 30 minutes of extra time will be played.

Detailed 7-a-side soccer rules

For goals, kick kicks, and corner kicks are clearly regulated clearly in the 7-a-side soccer rules. We will provide specific details for each content detailed answer right here:

#first. Valid goal

According to w35 games information, a goal is only valid when the ball crosses the far goal line, regardless of whether it is on the ground or in the air. Player cases Use your hands to throw the ball, punch the ball into the goal or simply touch the ball (except goalkeeper) will not be counted.

#2. Kick the ball

In 7-a-side football rules, when the ball crosses the touchline at the end field, the team on that field will be able to kick the ball in any position as they wish. The kicked ball must go beyond the penalty area and must not be given away The goalkeeper lets the goalkeeper kick up.

In case the ball has not yet left the penalty area, the player kicks it ball again. In particular, goals scored directly from kicking the ball are still recognized.

#3. Serve

At the beginning of the match or after a goal is scored, the team has the right The server will serve the ball within his own court area. Two bridges The serving players need to stand 6 meters apart. The right to serve the ball is decided according to the rule:

  • The right to serve in the first half is decided by tossing a coin.
  • Team A serves the ball at the beginning of the first half, then team B serves the ball at the beginning of the second half.
  • Team A scores a goal and team B has the right to serve.

#4. Throw

When the ball crosses the line, the player who touches the ball last will make the throw The boundary is from the ball position out and 1 meter away from the boundary. The player makes the throw-in with both hands and the ball must not touch the throw-in player's feet if it has not already through another player's feet.

#5. Free kick

In the 7-a-side soccer rules, there are two forms of free kicks: direct and free kick Indirect. When a team commits a foul, the ball will remain at the location where it occurred A foul is made and the right to kick belongs to the other team in which:

  • Direct penalty: A goal can be scored when the free ball touches the ball once.
  • Indirect penalty: Similar to indirect penalty in 11-a-side football, here players must touch the ball twice before scoring.

#6. Corner kick

The ball will be awarded a corner kick when it crosses the line within range outside the goal. The team that touches the ball last will have to take a corner kick and stand Behind the regulation line, 6m away from the ball, the other team can take a free kick from corner of the field where the ball goes out.

Violations in the 7-a-side football rule

In the 7-a-side soccer rules, there are 3 main types of fouls that a player can be punished for penalty for violation. As follows:

  • Offside: Offside is considered when the player is near the opponent's goal is more than the ball, the goalkeeper and the team's last defensive player there.
  • Penalty: Penalty penalty when a player commits a foul in the team's restricted area enemy. For this penalty, the player takes the free kick at the spot offside and the fouling team will not be able to block the ball.
  • Indecent behavior violations: Kicking the opponent's leg, tackling the ball Not following regulations, causing danger, etc. These errors will be determined by the referee determine the level and punish by yellow card or red card.


Today's article has provided players with the basic rules they need to know in the latest 7-a-side soccer rules. Hopefully the above information has been provided Helps players during soccer competitions to ensure edge fair fight.

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