What tournament is the Asian Cup? Find out information about the Asian Cup


What tournament is the Asian Cup? Find out information about the Asian Cup

The Asian Cup is a men's soccer tournament organized by the Asian Football Confederation position. This is the most influential football tournament on the continent, ranked two in the world.

What tournament is the Asian Cup is an issue that many people are interested in. This is considered the most important tournament in the world of European football ASIAN. To better understand information about this tournament, please follow the article Here you go.

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What tournament is the Asian Cup?

The Asian Cup was officially established in 1956 and this is the tournament that has long history ranked second in the world only after the South American championship tournament (Copa America). Since 2015, the team that won the Asian Cup is the same team The continent's representative football team participates in the Intercontinental Football Cup.

Whatever the Asian Cup tournament is, this is a continental tournament organized held every 4 years since the first time in 1956 in Hong Kong. However, because of the Summer Olympics and the tournament European football is scheduled to play in the same year, so on the AFC side decided to leave their football league for another cycle.

By the 2019 Asian Cup season, the number of teams participating in this tournament has increased from 14:00 to 24 teams. Another change was updated in the tournament This match is to allow the 4th player to go deep after the match enters the half extra. Along with that, VAR referee support technology is also applied at Asian Cup 2019 match.

The most complete Asian Cup competition information

So, you have a better understanding of what tournament the Asian Cup is and its history of this tournament, in addition you should find out how many countries participate in Asiad. Next we will share with you information about Asian competitions Latest Cup.

Specifically, since 2019, the Asian Cup has officially gathered 24 teams The strongest recruitment comes from Asian countries. The teams ranked first and second In the same group, the 3rd team with the best record will have the right to win tickets continue to the qualifying round.

If the team has the same number of points, it will be considered based on head-to-head performance and goal difference scored. In which yellow card is defined as 1 point, A red card or 2 yellow cards are considered 3 points, 1 yellow card and 1 red card will be counted as 4 points.

02 types of trophies awarded at the Asian Cup

Currently, there are two cup versions for the Asian football tournament. High trophy 42cm and weight is 15kg. Until the 2000 football tournament, there was a set Designed with a black base to engrave the name of the winning country. Monitor us to update road sports news w35 games.

In 2019, Thomas Lyte officially built an outright trophy The new one is 78cm high, 42cm wide and weighs up to 15kg of silver. The trophy was awarded Similar to the image of a lotus flower, this is a typical symbol of literature Asian nationalization.

Besides entering the trophy, the winning team of the Asian Cup tournament also receives one Bonus up to 5 million USD. The team that wins the runner-up position will also be will receive 3 million USD and the losing teams in the semi-finals will receive 1 million USD. The total prize pool for the Asian Cup season will be nearly 15 million USD.


Above is the detailed information to answer the question: the Asian Cup is a tournament What? Hopefully the following article will help you better understand the tournament this prestigious continent. Hope you have a good time learning about the tournament Very happy.

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