Top 10 highest scorers in world football in 2024


Top 10 highest scorers in world football in 2024

“Goal” is always the desire of field warriors, not just Putting the ball into the net, the art of scoring goals is also a factor in making a name the age of many players. There are a few prominent faces in there, too crazy the football world. Let's take a look at the top 10 high scorers best in the football world in 2024.

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Top 10 highest scorers in world football in 2024

In the list w35 games Below are former players from 1926, though They stopped playing football a long time ago, but the number of goals scored record is still a record that cannot be broken until now. Watch now Sports news below:

#first. Cristiano Ronaldo – 807 goals

Player information Cristiano Ronaldo:

  • Participated in competition: 2002 – present
  • Scoring rate per match: 0.72

Leading the list of top scorers in the world is Cristiano Ronaldo with 807 goals in 1,111 matches throughout his career from 2002 to present. Cristiano Ronaldo is considered one of the fans one of the greatest players in football history. Scoring number of Ronaldo reached an unbelievable level, he even made his mark in matches the fiercest in the international arena.

#2. Josef Bican – 805 goals

Player information Josef Bican:

  • Participated in competition: 1931 – 1955
  • Scoring ratio per match: 1.51

Second place belongs to Josef Bican with 805 goals recorded 530 matches. During his career years from 1931 - 1955, Bican was famous as goalscorer. He is also considered a "monster" by experts wrestling" of Czechoslovakia and Austria that day, with strong forward ability no different from top sprinters.

#3. Romario – 772 goals

Romario player information:

  • Participated in competition: 1985 – 2009
  • Scoring rate per match: 0.78

Romario registered in 3rd place in the top 10 players with the most goals best of the world. He had a stellar football career at the time from 1985 - 2009, was the spearhead that led Brazil to World Cup glory in 1994. During his playing time, Romario scored 772 goals won in 961 matches participated.

#4. Pele – 767 goals

Pele player information:

  • Joined the team: 1956 – 1977
  • Scoring rate per match: 0.92

Pele is in the top 4 highest scorers in the world, with 767 goals Wins were recorded in 831 matches participated. At the time of 1956 – 1977, Pele was like a shining gem in the football world and won three FIFA World Cup trophies with his team. For Santos (Club in Pele's Brazil), he holds the record for the most goals scored club's era, is typical of the phrase "The Beautiful Game".

#5. Lionel Messi – 759 goals

Lionel Messi player information:

  • Participated in competition: 2004 – present
  • Scoring rate per match: 0.80

Lionel Messi is one of the famous kings of assists and scorers of world football history, with 759 goals recorded in throughout the competition from 2004 to present. Messi's reputation is not needed It must be argued that he won 7 Golden Balls and conquered with his teammates the glory of the 2021 Copa America championship. Currently, Messi is still try to compete to add new titles in the PSG shirt.

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#6. Ferenc Puskas – 741 goals

Player information Ferenc Puskas:

  • Participated in competition: 1943 – 1966
  • Scoring rate per match: 0.99

The next face in the rankings is Ferenc Puskas – icon Hungary. He once received an award named after him, representing owner of the best goal every year. With recorded achievements of With 741 goals in 746 matches, Puskas conquered the world's trust admired by his incredible scoring rate, he could almost "break the net" once per match. During his competition from 1943 to 1966, Puskas was won the European Cup three times with Real Madrid and won a gold medal Olympics in Hungarian colors.

#7. Gerd Muller – 735 goals

Player information Gerd Muller:

  • Participated in competition: 1962 – 1983
  • Scoring ratio per match: 0.93

Gerd Muller is the 7th player named on this list. You are A sharp striker and the greatest "scorer" of all time. During his playing career from 1962 to 1983, Muller created a lot many "crazy" records, including the title of top scorer wins the most in the football world with 735 goals in 793 matches. And a One of those goals sealed the victory for the German team at World Cup final 1974.

#8. Jimmy Jones – 647 goals

Player information Jimmy Jones:

  • Participated in competition: 1946 – 1965
  • Scoring ratio per match: 1.05

Next in the rankings is Belfast Celtic player – Jimmy Jones. Jones has scored 647 goals in 614 matches. From those days When he first started playing professional football, he proved his destructive power amazing. And soon after joining Glenavon, Jones really did become a legend. During his career from 1946 to 1965, he was honored named “top scorer” for six seasons in the League Ireland. To date, this record has not been broken.

#9. Eusébio – 623 goals

Eusebio player information:

  • Participated in competition: 1957 – 1979
  • Scoring ratio per match: 0.91

Eusebio ranked 9th in the top 10 players scoring the most goals world. For many people, Eusebio is still a "huge" Portuguese player. of all time, a great striker and former legend of SL Benfica. Eusebio has brought Benfica to the national championship cup 11 times and 1 time to reach the pinnacle of the European Cup. He scored 623 goals in His career was from 1957 to 1979. He also won awards Prestigious awards: Golden Ball in 1965 and Golden Shoe at FIFA World Cup 1966.

#ten. Joe Bambrick – 616 goals

Player information Joe Bambrick:

  • Participated in competition: 1926 – 1943
  • Scoring ratio per match: 1.56

Joe Bambrick is the ultimate goal king in the rankings. You are Top goalscorer in the League of Ireland and English Football League, with a total of 616 goals during the competition from 1926 to 1943. Back in the year 1926, Bambrick was introduced Experts rate it very highly and he also gives it to football fans feast your eyes on great matches during your time there. Record 286 goal after just 183 games is what made Joe famous Bambrick.

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In the above sports news, there are two world football legends, they are still active "Momentum" to compete in the latest international tournaments: Cristiano Ronaldo plays as a striker for Manchester club United and captain of the Portugal national football team; Lionel Messi takes on the striker position for Paris Saint-Germain and is the captain of the Argentina national football team.

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The above article has compiled the top 10 highest scorers in the football world. These are all admirable records and glorify the sport King of sports in the world sports arena. Follow w35 games for more Lots of interesting information about football!

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