Top 10 most handsome players in the football world in 2024


Top 10 most handsome players in the football world in 2024

Maybe you don't know, football is not just the "cradle" of "footballs". legendary football players but also a place that owns the best "cinematic" players in the world of sports. Let's take a look at the top 10 most handsome players football world in 2024 in the article below!

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Top 10 most handsome players in the football world in 2024

Not only does it attract all eyes to each dribble, the "strikers" The following also makes many female fans miss him because of his handsome face. Excellent body and "gentleman" temperament. See the top 10 bridge rankings now The most handsome player in the world at the sports newsletter of w35 games :

#first. Olivier Giroud – France

First to mention is Olivier Giroud - the French striker, is joining the Milan club and the French national football team. He has top-notch looks with a standard 6-pack body and face masculine edge. Followed by those super captivating blue eyes. Giroud also was voted "Hottest Premier League Player" last year 2015 by the sisters of the flag country.

The 36-year-old French striker is married to Jennifer and has three children together lovely. Even though there are some conflicts on the sidelines of their relationship, it seems like the two of them are married proving to the world media that they are inseparable. Group The two's wedding was also held secretly in 2011.

#2. Lionel Messi – Argentina

  • Striker: Paris Saint-Germain FC / Argentina
  • Date of birth: June 24, 1987 (Rosario, Argentina)
  • Height: 170cm – Weight: 72kg

Lionel Messi – one of the greatest players in history, is Joins the Paris Saint-Germain FC team as a striker. Besides his football talent and fairy-tale love that many people dream of, Messi is becoming more and more attractive with his elegant appearance and unique personality same charm.

Messi is married to his childhood love Antonella Roccuzzo. The two of them proved the longevity of love, met each other when they were kids and continued writing their love story with the birth of 3 super cute boys: Thiago Messi, Mateo Messi Roccuzzo, Ciro Messi Roccuzzo.

#3. Neymar Jr. – Brazil

  • Striker: Paris Saint-Germain FC / Brazil
  • Date of birth: February 5, 1992 (Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil)
  • Height: 175cm – Weight: 68kg

The next face in the most handsome players in the world is Neymar Jr., Brazilian striker from the Paris team Saint-Germain FC. It can be said that Neymar is a rising star in the world In the soccer world, Neymar not only possesses great soccer ability is also one of the "hot boys" sought after by brands.

Ignoring the Brazilian footballer's illustrious love life, Neymar currently has a beautiful child, Davi Lucca da Silva Santos and is "cozy" with his girlfriend Bruna Biancardi.

#4. Gerard Pique – Spain

  • Defender: FC Barcelona / Spain
  • Date of birth: February 2, 1987 (Barcelona, ​​Spain)
  • Height: 194cm – Weight: 85kg

Gerard Pique is one of the top most handsome players in the world is playing the role of defender for FC Barcelona and team Spain national football team. The guy is one of the bridges The most handsome and attractive player in the football world. With a standard body With his flawless handsomeness, Pique "captivated" many fans women's football. And especially won the love of Shakira's wife - The hottest diva in the world.

#5. Cristiano Ronaldo – Portugal

  • Striker: Manchester United FC / Portugal
  • Date of birth: February 5, 1985 (Funchal, Portugal)
  • Height: 187cm – Weight: 83kg

Cristiano Ronaldo is the next face mentioned in the table Ranking the most handsome players in the world today. Outside of career In top football, Ronaldo is also one of the "show-winning" players. the best in soccer. With a following of 388 million people - top 1 On Instagram, Ronaldo became the "dream" man of many people sisters. In terms of love, Cristiano Ronaldo was once paired with lots of girls. But right now, he is very happy a relationship with Georgina Rodríguez.

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#6. James Rodriguez – Colombia

  • Midfielder: Al Rayyan SC / Colombia
  • Date of birth: July 12, 1991 (Cúcuta, Colombia)
  • Height: 180cm – Weight: 75kg

31-year-old Colombian player James Rodriguez is the next factor According to the top most handsome players in the world. Rodriguez okay The football world talks about not only his "outstanding" midfielder skills Al Rayyan SC but also because of his extremely handsome and charming features. Face This has made many girls fall in love and most especially caught the eye The blue of Daniela Ospina's wife - a female volleyball player Colombia. However, this relationship only lasted 7 years and broke up in 2017.

#7. Arkadiusz Milik – Poland

  • Striker: Olympique de Marseille / Poland
  • Date of birth: February 28, 1994 (Tychy, Poland)
  • Height: 186cm – Weight: 80kg

Arkadiusz Milik is a Polish professional footballer as a striker for the team Olympique de Marseille. Bridge guy The 28-year-old player possesses a charming appearance and extremely attractive personality. Currently, Arkadiusz Milik is married to love Jessica Ziolek Lightning struck me at the age of 17.

#8. Keita Balde – Senegal

  • Striker: Cagliari Calcio / Senegal
  • Date of birth: March 8, 1995 (Arbucies, Spain)
  • Height: 184cm – Weight: 80kg

Keita Balde is a Cagliari Calcio football player from Senegal. With a remarkable football career, Keita Balde is considered one of the best One of Senegal's best players. The guy also contributed appear in the ranking of the most handsome players in the world thanks to masculine face and attractive charisma. Currently, the guy is in a love relationship with his beautiful girlfriend Simona Guatieri.

#9. Isco – Spain

  • Midfielder: Real Madrid CF / Spain
  • Date of birth: April 21, 1992 (Benalmadena, Spain)
  • Height: 176cm – Weight: 79kg

Isco is the next name in the rankings, he is a human midfielder Spain plays for Real Madrid FC and team Spanish national football. Isco is known as one of the The most handsome and stylish player in the world. Present, dude Isco is dating his "angel" girlfriend Sara Salamo.

#ten. Eden Hazard – Belgium

  • Striker: Real Madrid CF / Belgium
  • Date of birth: January 7, 1991 (La Louviere, Belgium)
  • Height: 175cm – Weight: 74kg

Eden Hazard – a blue-eyed soccer player with an attractive and fishy face greatness. Hazard is currently playing as a striker for Real Madrid FC, formerly Premier League club Chelsea. Eden Hazard is married to his wife Natacha Van Honacker – who is attached with him since they were both only 14 years old. Currently, this couple has picked up 4 new members added, making this dreamlike love affair even more fulfilling.

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The above article has ranked the top 10 most handsome players in the football world in 2024. Hopefully this is interesting information on the sidelines of sports. world. Watch more exciting news at bookmaker w35 games!

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